With Android/IOS App

The Best Car Tracker In Nigeria

Advanced Realtime Tracker With Android/IOS App

This high-technology vehicle monitoring system is a state-of-the-art device which gives you complete control of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Owner doesnt need to send text messages or call the tracker. Once installed in any vehicle, owner can stay anywhere in the world and monitor all vehicles with an app on his phone.

You have the ability and option to track and Demobilize (STOP/RESUME) your vehicle engine from anywhere in the world with the app.

Vehicle owner can log into our online tracking platform and monitor / playback the history or movement of his car through out a period. You can playback the history of your vehicle for up to 3 months.

Vehicle owner can also listen-in on conversations of person’s in the vehicle remotely.

With Geo-fencing, you can declare physical boundaries within which a particular vehicle is required to travel. Whenever such vehicles exceed the boundaries, the system will alert the vehicle owner.

You can program a speed limit to the device and thereafter, the system will send an over-speed alert to the vehicle owner, once the speed limit is violated.

The system comes with a backup battery which, when fully charged, can run itself for up to 3 days independent of the car battery

It is also 100% web based and accessible from any web-enabled PC in the world. You can login into our website and see the location of your car in real time.

N35,000 only

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